Caring For Your Ladysea Creations Shaving Pottery

If properly cared for, your Ladysea Creations pottery should give you years of service. Just a few simple guidelines are all it takes to keep it in excellent shape.

Proper Use

  1. Prewarm your scuttle. Warming your scuttle by filling it with hot tap water, or submerging it in a sink of hot water, will heat up the ceramic and avoid robbing your lather of heat when you're ready to shave.
  2. Never use boiling water. Using boiling water in a hand-thrown ceramic vessel can cause cracking of the glaze or the pottery itself due to thermal shock. The greater the difference between the temperature of the pottery and the water poured into it, the greater the chances of thermal shock. Moreover, boiling water will cause your lather to dry out and collapse very quickly. Hot tap water is much more effective.
  3. Do not microwave your Ladysea Creations scuttle. Air pockets and other artifacts of the hand-throwing process could cause the piece to crack when heated in a microwave. Though the chances of this are small, use in a microwave is not advised.
  4. Experiment. Two piece scuttles' lather bowls and bases are not perfectly round due to the hand-throwing and firing processes. Each pair of pieces will have an orientation that is the most stable. Experiment with the arrangement until you find the orientation that works best for you.


  1. Rinse thoroughly and air dry after use. Two piece scuttles and lather bowls will likely never require more maintenance than this.
  2. When necessary, wash with mild soap and hot water. Should your pottery suffer soap scum buildup, or should you suspect that the enclosed inner chamber of a one-piece scuttle is becoming musty, your shaving pottery can be washed like any other dish.
  3. Top rack dishwasher safe. Ladysea Creations pottery will not be harmed by washing in the top rack of a dishwasher.
  4. Clear your shaving pottery from the sink before shaking out your brush. It has been demonstrated that pottery cannot survive the impact of a solid brush handle at high speed. Best to clear your shaving pottery from the sink before shaking out your brush, or wash your brush first.

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